Mathias is an expert in bio-inspired innovation. He holds a Bachelor in Biology and a Master in Bio-Inspired innovation. Previously he worked with FESTO bionics where he expanded his engineering background and with Bioxegy as a business developer. Passionate by new technologies as well as natures’ ingenuity, but also deeply concerned by sustainability issues, he aims to apply Biomimicry to design new products or solve technological challenges.



Jinglun has a dual background in biology and product design. She holds an MSc in Bio-Inspired Innovation with a special focus on climate leadership and entrepreneurship. She is passionate about bringing changes into this world through biomimicry innovation.

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Vadim is an bio-inspired innovation expert holding a MSc. in Bio-Inspired innovation and a biology bachelor degree. He extends his expertise with climate change related innovation by obtaining the EIT climate-KIC master school certification. He is currently working as biodiversity expert consultant and project manager at ARIES consultant, a belgian consultancy firm specialized in urban planification and environmental impact assessment studies. Emulating from Nature to drive the innovation process towards a sustainable future is what motivates him.



Eléonore is currently working as an engineer in the research and development of recycling technologies. She holds a Master in Materials Science with a specialization in Environmental Engineering, and is convinced that nature’s strategies are a fantastic source of inspiration to address technical challenges and foster sustainable solutions.



Biochemical engineer in a diagnostic start-up, Yann is currently doing a PhD in biosensing in collaboration with EPFL. He's passionate about Science, Research and Technology. Yann is very interested in the field of Biomimetics and wishes to contribute to its development.



Leodie holds a Bachelor in Biology and a Master in Bio-Inspired innovation. She has a specialization in ecosystem thinking and has previously applied a systems approach to the marine sector in the Netherlands. She sees a lot of potential in the seaweed industry and enjoys focussing on multi-value creating projects within aquaculture.

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Nicholas is a photographer and digital communicator. He holds a BFA in Photography and Digital Image from FIT. Curious about everything, Nicholas learned the concept of biomimicry from Mathias. He's now part of the team and working towards making this project a reality.